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Since ancient times people had need to measure and record all sorts of things. Whether it was in Egyptian civilization and yearly floods caused by Nile overflowing its banks or in the Middle Ages and freehand measuring of cloth. Over time necessity to measure temperature appeared because first methods of using personal feelings, watching changing colour or state of metals was not enough. First true thermometers begun to appear in 17th century but to be possible to compare measured temperatures it was necessary to set up some temperature scales. Considerable credits have A. Celsius, W. Thomson, D. G. Fahrenheit, W. J. M. Rankine or R. A. Ferchault de Réaumur who gave scales their names.

After the problem how to compare without scale the problem how to compare between scales came. Luckily there are formulas by which you can for example convert weather forecast and reported temperatures to something you are capable to understand and then you comprehend it is not best weather for swimming or otherwise it is better to forget about exhausting tours. However “hand-made” counting using formulas is a little bit impractical and uncomfortable, is not it? But good news – you found user friendly solution.

Using right menu, select scale, in which is original temperature. Then you simply enter one number and we will count it for you immediately. And that is what you want!

Easy and Quick Conversion of Temperatures between Scales
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